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அன்னையும் பிதாவும் முன்னறி தெய்வம்

தாய், தந்தையர் கண்கண்ட தெய்வம்

The school charter is a guideline for the Tamil School Board and it was jointly developed by the Eelam Tamil Association (ETA)???Victoria, ETA Tamil School Board and the Ethnic School Association of Victoria. It stipulates the functions and responsibilities of the School Board and also identifies how the Tamil School will improve the student learning of the Tamil language within the guidelines provided by the Ethnic School Association of Victoria.


The School Charter sets out the Eelam Tamil School???s commitment to continuous improvement in standards of achievement in all areas of school life and particularly in the levels of educational standard achieved in Tamil language by its students. The charter is the school platform for planning, decision - making and resource allocation.


The school charter contains the schools statement of purpose and educational values. It defines the schools educational goals and priorities for improvement and identifies measurable achievements. This explains the management structure and the code of practice. It also sets out the curriculum profile and the guidelines for the administration of the campuses of the School.


Through the charter, all campuses of the Eelam Tamil Association Tamil School are able to develop the program they need to improve the student learning of the Tamil Language.

School Board Members

Name Position
1 Prof J Sanjayan Chaiman
2 Mr Param Paramanathan Principal/CEO
3 Dr Sathananthan Secretary
4 Mrs Kala Balashanmugan Treasurer
5 Mr Siva Yoganathan Member
6 Mrs Uthaya Singarasa Member
7 Mr Ambi Balasubramaniam Member
8 Mr Mayooran Balasubramaniam Member
9 Mr Kannan Subramaniam Member
10 Mr K Pradeepan Member
11 Mr Santhan Soma Member
12 Ms Miruthula Supiah Member
13 Mr Raj Narayanan Member

mission & vision

The objectives of the ETA Tamil School are to encourage Victorian Tamil children to learn their mother tongue, promote the cultural development...

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code of practice

The Eelam Tamil Association Tamil School operates in accordance with the requirements of the VCAA and DSE Regulations.

Code of Practice


goals & priorities

To improve and maintain student learning by providing an integrated curriculum, which interest the learner.

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welfare & discipline policy

It operates under the premise of consequence of Action. Lock step type approach simple system, which the whole school ..

Our Welfare & Discpline Policy


எண்ணும் எழுத்தும் கண்ணெனத் தகும்

அறிவியலுக்கு ஆதாரமான எண்ணும், இலக்கிய அறிவுக்கு ஆதாரமான எழுத்தும் நமக்குக் கண் போன்றவை