School Welfare & Discipline Policy

Pre Amble

It operates under the premise of consequence of Action It enables the children, parents and others to be aware of a lock step type approach to misbehaviour or behaviour infringements within the school This is a simple system, which the whole school can contribute to sharing a positive experience. Children are kept informed as to then they achieve their positives and their overall progress Children vote as a whole community as to what their rewards shall be This strategy works upon the premise of Reward for effort

Consequences of misbehaviour

First Time Warning and consequence of continued misbehaviour outlined to the child Second Time Child sent to another room with work to be completed Third Time Child sent to the head teacher Fourth Time Parent/s informed combined with family discussion

Communication Folder

The aim of this folder is to assist with monitoring behavioural problems if and when they arise It will also assist when parental reporting occurs both formally and anecdotally Use these documents to record any type of behaviour which may concern you as a professional

Parent/Guardian contact

Try to contact each parent of the children in your class at least once a term. This may be verbally either face to face or over the phone. The contact could be when a parent is picking up the child, before school or at a point in time in which you feel appropriate. A good tip may be to let parents know when the child is excelling. Remember contact with parents is also imperative when there is good or positive behaviour to report. Record the contact on the Parent Contact Record Sheet.

Class Action Record Sheet

If there is an incident in the class either it is important to record this information. It is a way of keeping tabs on patterns or trends in behaviour It is also a form of support evidence if and when it is required. The file will be housed in The Head Teacher???s Office and is available to be accessed whenever appropriate. The Head Teacher will access the file and keep track of any issues that need to be dealt with.