Curriculum Profile

With the start of new academic year 2014-15, ETA Tamil School would like to thank everyone for the continued support and your dedication to teach our beloved Tamil language to all the willing students in your area.
Without your voluntary effort at your school level, the Tamil language teaching cannot be sustained. ETA Tamil Schools are here to help you with all your needs in supporting and providing all the possible infrastructure in every possible way.

ETA Tamil School Syllabus and objective

ETA Tamil School???s main objective is to structure the Tamil language learning curriculum by working with various language experts, professors, universities, language organizations, Tamil schools, teachers etc.

Continuous Improvement

ETA Tamil Schools Board understands some deficiency in its curriculum in various degree but always works consistently with available resources and time to enhance it year over year. So please do share both the difficulties and successes which will enable us to continuously improve even if it is a slow/steady pace, but we are committed to improvement year over year.
We are not just teaching the language just to speak, we have to create the future Tamil educators from our younger generation here to sustain the efforts for many decades to come.